Wine for thought: 5 fascinating facts about Italian Wine


1. Italy produces a lot of wine – by a lot, we mean around one third of the world’s wine. In fact, Italy is the largest producer of wine in the world!
2. It’s not all about quantity – over two thirds of Italian wine produced is assigned the label of DOCG [Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin], DOP [Protected Designation of Origin] or IGP [Protected Geographical Information]. Look out for these labels – they mean the wine is authentic and of high quality.
3. Remember to taste a few – there are hundreds of grape varieties in Italy. Many know of the most popular, such as Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and Merlot, but why not try something different? With so many grape varieties, there is a chance to wake up your taste buds!
4. The ancient Aglianico Grape. This grape variety is posited to be the favourite choice of the Romans; it is said to be the principle grape used in the Roman’s most luxurious wine, known as the Falernian. Why not go back in time and try a bottle of Taurasi Terre Celate; the best expression of Aglianico grapes.
5. Many of us by now, will know about Prosecco – a popular choice in the UK, this bubbly originated in Italy. But Italy has many more sparkling wines to offer. Bored of prosecco . . . try a traditional fizzy Italian white, rose, or red (yes, we did just say a fizzy red wine!). Have a look at our Gragnano from Sorrento!


There are 20 wine regions in Italy. Why not start your wine tasting trip in the Campania Region – where the vineyards encompass the enchanting cities of Sorrento, Amalfi, Capri, and Pompeii.
Visit us at Pellegrino Wines & Co. to start your wine tasting journey in Campania.

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