What do a grape variety and a dove foot have in common?

Grape varieties are grown all over the world to produce wines with unique flavour profiles. Most people are familiar with the red berry fragrance of the pinot noir, and the bright notes of the Riesling, but have you tried wine made of Piedirosso grapes?

Piedirosso, or “red feet” in Italian, is grown in Italy primarily for local and tourist consumption.

While it was widely cultivated in the 19th century, it declined after the phylloxera crisis, which destroyed most of the vineyards in Europe. Thankfully, it has made a comeback, and the red wine grape variety has quickly gained a foothold in the vast world of wines once again.

Italy is known for its assortment of fantastic wines, and Piedirosso is a strong contender. But what exactly makes Piedirosso wines stand out? To give you a better idea, here is a dissection of what makes this type of wine an incredible experience for wine lovers.


Piedirosso are deep ruby in colour, full-bodied, and possess soft tannins. Their stems are russet-coloured and interestingly, resemble dove’s feet. Its flavours include notes of brambly wild berry fruit, cherry, and plum, but also hints reminiscent of mushroom, damp earth, and espresso.

Another distinctive quality of this wine is it’s mineral-like character. This slight salty flavour comes from the volcanic soils on which the vines bloom—which is also why all single-variety wines made from Piedirosso are classified as IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica).

Looking for something a little different – our Vibrìo Piedirosso Frizzante is a single-varietal wine made of 100% Piedirosso grapes – what makes it interesting? It’s a red sparkling wine.


You’d be surprised to find out that there are numerous synonyms for Piedirosso. It goes by different names all over Italy, among which are Piede Colombo, Strepparossa, Streppa Verde, Palumbo, Pererusso, Palombina Nera, Per’e Palumo, and Palombina.

With so many names, it can be hard to keep track; but one thing is unforgettable for sure, and that is its incredibly distinctive flavour!


The Piedirosso grape variety is used to make both single-varietal wines and blends. The striking characteristics of the Piedirosso come through beautifully within a blend; they add a wonderful complexity and softness to wines like Aglianico, which is more intense in flavour. The Piedirosso balances these strong tones to create a more harmonious and intricate character. One of the most popular blends is our Lacryma Christi Red, combining Piedirosso and Aglianico grapes.

Piedirosso is also used as a blending partner for Olivella and a minor blending component in wines like Taurasi and Aglianico del Taburno. Additionally, it is sometimes used in Passito, an Italian-style sweet wine.

Food pairings

Here comes the most important part - what foods are best to pair with the Piedirosso grape? It goes very well with pizza, as they complement each other’s main characteristics. It also provides a beautiful accompaniment to grilled portobello mushrooms, topped with mozzarella and thyme.


When exploring all that vineyards have to offer, Piedirosso wines simply cannot be missed. With its rich colour and complex flavour-notes, this wine is definitely one to add to your must-try list!

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