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Business ownerpassionate cook and avid wine enthusiastMarco shares insight into how Pellegrino Wines & Co beganand why he believes his authentic products can put smiles on faces during these difficult times.

How did Pellegrino Wines & Co come about?

During a summer reunion in Italy, I was enjoying the local produce and wines,
surrounded by the beautiful backdrop of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. I remember
the idea clearly; I wanted to share the Southern Italian culture with my friends back inthe UK. From then on, I was motivated to start my own business.

Where did your passion for wine originate from?

Traditionally, families in Southern Italy come together every Sunday to enjoy a bottle of homemade natural wine at the dinner table. This was my first memory of tasting wine. Coming from a farming background, I was able to experience first-hand how it was all made, which sparked my interest in the different grape varieties and flavours.

What would you say is the unique selling point for the business or makes you stand out from your competitors?

We provide quality wines by importing from small, independent artisanal producers.
These local producers are chosen not just for their history and passion, but for their
ability to create new and exciting products. We can assure all our customers that we
have personally selected all our wines, ensuring they are of the highest standard.

Do you have any plans to extend the range of products that you are currently selling?

Yes, we plan to extend our current selection by introducing some new exciting wines
from different regions of Italy. In addition to wine, we are going to offer some of
Italy's finest produce. This will include organic artisanal pasta, Italian craft beers and
more. Watch this space!

What are your main hobbies/what do you enjoy doing in your down time?

Being a wine enthusiast I like to keep up to date with the world of wine, from local
production to current trends. I enjoy traditional cooking like grandma used to make,
but also like to create new dishes to compliment particular wines.

What would you recommend to a first-time buyer and why?

I particularly like the Lacryma Christi range, not only because of their popularity and
narrative, but their distinctive taste and heritage. Each wine encapsulates a different
characteristic of the region. The white, for example, has intense vinous aromas
resembling the typical vesuvian gorse flower, whilst the rosé comprises of a slight
sulphurous note, originating from the terroir.

Finally, if someone is considering placing an order,what would you say to them on why they should go ahead?

It's a chance to buy something both new and authentic, something you would not
find in your local supermarket. Whether you want to buy a special gift for that wine
enthusiast, or want to try a famous Sorrento Sparkling Red with a pizza, we have a wine perfect for any occasion!

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